Infrastructure Analysis

CloudSAFE can help you determine the right infrastructure for your needs. Begin with this performance analysis of your environment.

The button below will take you to an external site where you will complete a short contact form and then receive instruction on how to run this assessment in your environment. CloudSAFE uses the Dell Perfromance Analysis Collection Kit to collect information about your environment. Both you and CloudSAFE will receive the results of the analysis.  A CloudSAFE expert will contact you to review the results, discuss your goals, and provide you with recommendations.

Begin the Analysis


Visually explore workload performance with DPACK

DPACK or Dell's Performance Analysis Collection Kit is an industry standard method of impartially documenting server performance or a group of servers' performance. DPACK is a vendor, hardware, and platform agnostic standard for IT professionals to record and communicate their achieved benchmarks, workloads, or support concerns to others to accelerate decision time and reduce risk. Your performance is unique to you. DPACK gives you a safe and simple way to record and communicate your performance fingerprint.

Understand Your Environment

DPACK runs remotely and agentlessly to gather core requirements such as disk IO, throughput, capacity, memory and CPU utilization and produces an in-depth view of server workload and capacity requirements. With DPACK, you can get a true sense of your current IT environment and identify areas for further optimization.